Our Growers:

We are very proud to say we have formed great relationships with all of the following growers. Without the tireless work of these hard working men and women we would not be able to enjoy the wonderful array of produce that we currently do. We tip our hat to all growers across Australia!

The Kitai Family:

The Kitai family make up the team at Hakuna Matata Fresh Produce. They are relatively new to the growing game but are very passionate about it. As you can see from the pictures it is a real team effort to make their herbs come to life.

They are based in Beverley and grow beautiful Australian Garlic along with exotic delights such as Chocolate Mint and Edible flowers. They follow organic growing principles and are very proud of everything they produce. We are very proud to be able to say we supply their produce.

John Horworth

John Horworth has been growing Avocadoes and Mangoes in the Perth Hills for many years. John does not use any fertiliser or spray on his crops which forms the core principles of his growing.

He has only a relatively small amount of trees compared to larger growers. However, his fruit is amazing with his Mangoes in particular something to behold.

Our Other Wonderful Local Growers:

Please see below some more pics from our other wonderful local growers: